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           Volume Control Attenuator

  23 steps auto wound transformer of volume control


It has 23 steps for  50 dB of attenuation .It could improve the quality of sound better. It also feels warm, smoothly ,and clear in the performance of sound.


It is a loss-less volume attenuator for high end audio system.The main function of TC-6 is to adjust voltage level from the output of signal.

Like a CD player or other equipment which has RCA terminal for outputting signal.The advantage is that TC-6 has less power dissipation on attenuator

because we use transformers to replace traditional volume control (Variable Resistors type).

The drawback of VR type has higher power losses on resistors. So the power of signal will be absorbed by resistors. The quality of VR type is limited by

the resistors. VR type of volume controller will influence to the sound quality for signal.

Because TC-6 uses windings and turns ration to determine the voltage level of input signal, there will be quite less power dissipation on windings.

Therefore, it is more efficient than VR type.



 It be sited between source (AUX-CD-DVD ) and preamplifier.

There are two kinds of type for choice. (A-type and G-type)