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         SPEAKER JACK                                     RCA JACK



  HEAT SINK FOR TUBE SOCKET          4 PIN Component Connection Unit for  Tube Socket

    (FOR 8P / 7P / 9P / TUBE 211) 



 (3PINS LADDER)       (4PINS LADDER)           (5PINS LADDER)






  All kinds of component connection unit  for circuit.                                           



     THE STICK OF VR (28 cm)


(25-42-31H - gold)           (25-42-31H-silver)        (30-18H-gold)                (22-29H gold light)




  Capacitor Stand                      Capacitor Stand                      


  VR Stand  ( ㄣ shape)         Vacuum tube Stand (For 9Pin)     VR Stand   (ㄇshape)


   BASE PAD                                       Combine with the parts for circuit                                

                                                (Teflon + Copper Pin) 




  Teflon Socket( 4P / 5P / 6P / 8P )                     8P Teflon Socket                                    4P Teflon Socket


    7P / 8P / 9P Socket                                                           8P Ceramics                                                            9P Ceramics    

     (Ceramics / Bakelite)



     Teflon Socket for 211                                                                        Teflon Socket for 6C33


  Teflon Socket for EL152 / FL152 


             Rotate Switch ( 4W x 5 P )            Rotate Switch ( 1W x 23 P )



         Rotate Switch ( 2W x 23 P )                    Rotate Switch ( 100K)                 



           Rotate Switch ( 1W x 12 P )      Rotate Switch ( 2W x 6 P )       Rotate Switch ( 4W x 3 P )