back                TRANSISTOR OUTPUT TRANSFORMER  JS-6083




                                                   POWER : 100W (RMS)

                                                   INPUT IMPEDANCE : 2.5W - 4W - 8W

                                          OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 4W - 8W -16W

                                          FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz ~100KHz -0.5dB

             This fantastic power output transformer is the additional transistor amplifier.

     It may protect the loud speaker and also making the amplifier to be more reliable.

     The  room acoustic environment in general families is always effected by poor   

     instruments , room consonance ,placing position of loud speaker and various

     surface of room materials so as causing imbalance of sound quality while the using

     of our Transistor Output Transformer may compensate different poor sound effect

     respectively to produce a quite pure timbre and pleasant sound felling to increase high

     and low frequency analytic power and enlarge more wound effect to provide a spacious

     and stage approaching feeling. If you want to improve your transistor amplifier into a

     vacuum tube timbre , you do not have to change your amplifier but only connect 

   externally with our Transistor Output Transformer to solve your problem.